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For now it is easier to deal with having hair on my head, emotional-energy-wise. They speak for all of us when we need to be told what to do and how to behave better. Of course, you might think this desire is an expression of false consciousness or Foucauldian "power" or whatever, which brings us back to the social pressures mentioned above I use an electric razor, inexpensive Bic disposables or Nair— depending on time. And it's these aspects of definitions of femininity that need changing. I could pluck forever, it seems.

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But women and girls are, constantly. Actually I've known people who believe that pretty much all hair removal by women underarms, legs, etc. Larry David; Curb Your Enthusiasm indeed. If men are doing a recital, especially if they've gone professional, they have to dress nice, as well. Products you prefer that are generally seen as inferior. The females who feel they have to compete with other females and say derogatory things aoput them have not matured from childhood.

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I am Italian, and my natural brows meet over my nose. When I mentioned this over on my LJ, my friend veejane asked some very interesting questions: Singing in the Drizzle. Did you have to use that photo? Most body hair is not really an emotional issue for me.
We shouldn't be asking them hard questions about their values, they are perfect. Decide what you like for yourself, and let other people choose what they like without you telling them they should feel bad for it. And the nether regions? Sure it hurts to tweeze, but human beings have never been a species that liked its natural appearance. Use it without permission and you might endure a horrifying boxcar accident. I'd love to stop shaving under my arms, but I just get so nervous about it.

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